Radio in the Next 5 years

Friday, January 27, 2006

Radio in next 5 years

I can think back to listening to the car radio in my dad's 72 cutlass supreme. KPOP radio the sounds of R&B music blairing through the 6x9 speakers in the rear window, sounds of funk music, the O-Jays and much more. It was Sacramento's first known hip hop station to be broadcast to my knowledge, The Commander, one of the popular disc jockies over the air, brought smooth sounds to an already overly populated rock-n-roll invested magic box. In earlier times of radio, as far back as, the development of the audion tube, music has been controlled by a population of censorship and minority human organizations. Radio was broadcast and enjoyed by many people throughout the world, but limited to the radio station's approval, FCC guidelines and taste of majority. The majority though were financially able to matter. Radio evolved through opinions, entertainment and necessity. It became a household, business and corporate necessity. Along came television, the new era of entertainment, you were able to see radio and much more, radio was decreasing in its popularity, but still remained popular with those that were not financially prepared to transition. Radio to this day is still popular, but it has advanced to another level, the Internet, I-Pods, CD Players, all a form of radio, cause what is radio, nothing but music and news to me, but I only need it when Im in my car, at home, cable has devoured my entertainment needs, music, news, and entertainment. I can hear what I want to, when I want to on the Internet, so what do I need the radio for at home. I don't. In order to get the latest music and to find out what's hot, I just watch BET. I was one of those financially stable individuals who could afford Sirrus satellite radio and now listen to the only type of music that I want to hear or choose to listen too. I believe that radio and technology are reaping the benefits of thier labor and in the next five years I could see radio almost the same as it is now, over populated with opinion and commercials. The future, as of in five years, will be more people subscribed to satellite services and some high school student developing a new system that will allow you to listen to what you want when you want to hear it.